Our Story


▪    February 2001 – May 2006: Kurt and Tammy Kuykendall joined and served on a staff team (Kurt as the Associate Pastor, Tammy as Children’s Director) to help begin a new church in Mississauga, ON, called Churchill Meadows Christian Church, now called Discovery Community Christian Church.
▪    August 2005: Kurt and Tammy began praying about the idea of starting a church somewhere in Metro Vancouver after reading an article in the Christian Standard.
▪    September to November 2005: Kurt and Tammy received numerous confirmations from people that God was leading them in that direction.
▪    January 2006: Kurt and Tammy received the “green light” from the East 91st Street Christian Church and other church planting organizations to start a new church in Vancouver. This occurred after passing the “church planter assessment” process.
▪    April 2006: Fundraising began which led to dozens of individuals, churches, and church-planting organizations partnering together in the Gospel. Key partnerships included East 91st Street Christian Church, Genesis Canada, the CEA, Stadia, and Bow Valley Christian Church.
▪    May 2006: Kurt, Tammy, Isaiah, and Victoria (in utero) travelled across Canada in a Uhaul truck. It only took 7 days to travel over 5000 kilometres.
▪    May 30, 2006: They moved into a townhouse near 152 St and Hwy 10 in Surrey, BC.
▪    June 2006: Kurt and Tammy began interviewing potential worship directors and children’s directors.
▪    August 2006: Westcoast Christian Church hosted their first-ever event. A community BBQ was held near 152 St and Hwy 10, and over 100 people attended.
▪    August 2006: Kurt knocked on about 500 doors in the Clayton Heights area in Surrey to find potential Launch Team members. Just one person responded, with dozens of others interested in the church once it launched.
▪    October 2006: An Informational Meeting was hosted at a local coffee shop in Cloverdale. 10,000 flyers were sent out to anyone who might be interested in being a part of the Launch Team of a new church. 17 people showed up, including Marita Wraight who later became our Children’s Director in December 2006.
▪    November 2006: A second Informational Meeting was hosted at the same coffee shop, with another 14 people showing up and expressing interest in joining the Launch Team.
▪    November 2006: A phone survey was conducted and over 16,000 calls were made to households in the area. More than 800 people agreed to receive information about the church.
▪    December 2006: Weekly Launch Team meetings began, which grew to 18 adults plus children.
▪    January 2007: Andy Janzen was hired on as the Worship Director.
▪    January 2007: Postcards and doorhangers were distributed into the area. Other promo included newspaper ads, TV ads on Shaw Channel 2, and radio ads. All 800 of the phone contacts were personally called and invited to the Grand Opening.
▪    January 28, 2007: Grand Opening Sunday at the George Greenaway School. 305 people showed up, and dozens of volunteers from other churches came to help. Over time, things boiled down to about 75 people, over half of whom were not attending a church prior to Westcoast.
▪    May 2008: Brian Crowe replaced Andy Janzen as Worship Director, as Andy pursued a new opportunity in missions.
▪    February 2007 – current day: Slowly but surely, God has grown Westcoast Church through the preaching and living out of the Gospel of Christ. 77 people have been baptized into Christ thus far, and over 80 babies have been born to families at Westcoast. Tangible and incremental change has occurred in dozens of people’s lives as people make Christ their Lord, Leader, and Saviour.