Westcoast Now


THIS SUNDAY @ 10:30 am:  Worship service & Bible teaching for teens and adults in the gym.  Kids’ program for all kids ages Nursery to Grade 5 hosted during the service.  Location:  Hazelgrove School, 7057-191 St, Surrey, BC.  Google Map HERE


Westcoast Kids’ Ministry!  All kids ages Nursery to Gr. 5 are welcome to come and have a great and safe time learning about God and the Bible during Sunday’s service.  Please “check in” your child at the Westcoast Kids table in the Lobby before drop-off.




KIDS’ CHRISTMAS PRESENTATION – SUNDAY DEC. 17!  Will be an awesome day…please prayerfully invite your non-church-attending family/friends/co-workers/neighbours to come hear about Jesus in the Christmas Story! ALSO: we’re asking every household to bring some Christmas baking to share before and after the service. We are hosting a Christmas Presentation that day in the service for all kids ages Preschool to Grade 5…talk to Tammy K. (Children’s Director: tamkuyk@gmail.com) for more details. 



CHRISTMAS EVE SERVICE WITH PORT KELLS CHURCH!  We are hosting a Christmas Eve service at 5:00 – 6:00 pm Dec. 24 @ Port Kells Church in collaboration with Port Kells Church and Harmony Korean Church. Invite your non-church-attending friends and family to come hear about Jesus! Please note: there will be no kids’ program at this service as it will be a short, 1 hour, fun-family service with all the kids! ***NOTE***: FREE ACTIVITY PACKS will be given out to each child at the front entrance! Also, THERE WILL BE THE USUAL Sunday service on SUNDAY MORNING DEC. 24 at 10:30 am with the usual kids’ program AT the usual place (Hazelgrove School).




All youth in grades 7-12 are invited to come hang out, learn about the Bible, connect with other youth, and have a ton of fun together!  Illumin8 meets every Friday night in the Hazelgrove School gym.  Need more info? Contact Tammy (Youth Director) at 778-230-5170 or tamkuyk@gmail.com.





“Frontier Labourers For Christ” Campaign: Nov. 19 – Dec. 17!  Over the campaign, our goal is to raise at least $1000, over and above our regular giving, for Frontier Labourers For Christ. FLC is an awesome organization that helps start churches in northern Thailand and Burma and they do excellent humanitarian work there to meet the needs of the marginalized. We are asking the church family to prayerfully consider writing a cheque directly to FLC, placing it in the separate FLC offering envelope in your bulletin, and Westcoast will mail the gifts to FLC in mid-Dec.



COMMUNITY GROUPS! Before you say: “I’m too busy to get into a group this Fall,” how ’bout this: “You’re too busy to NOT get into a group!” Why? Because joining a group helps you navigate your busy life, giving you the spiritual encouragement, support, and help that you need to grow in Jesus, connect with others, and flourish spiritually. We would love to see EVERY adult get into a group. We believe Community Groups are “discipleship engines,” helping us become more and more like Jesus as we study God’s Word and pray together, training one another to trust and follow Jesus. Need more info? Contact Kurt by emailing kurtkuyk@gmail.com, or call/text 604-595-1390.



1-1 Discipleship!  We’d love to see each person at Westcoast meeting regularly with another believer, one on one, helping each other become stronger disciples of Jesus. We are talking about women meeting with women, & men with men, just to be clear! If you are interested, but haven’t had the courage to reach out, we want to help you. Whether you would like to begin meeting with a Christian mentor, or to be a mentor to someone else, please contact the church at 604-595-1390. We will do our best to find an appropriate person at Westcoast for you, and provide you with the resources you both need to get started.



Debit Card Donations!  Interested in donating your finances toward the mission of Jesus via Westcoast Christian Church, and you’d like to give with your Debit Card? Then please visit the Debit Donation table in the Lobby, just before and after the Sunday service, and someone will be there to help. Thanks for giving so we can reach more people for Jesus!


Can you show up on Sundays by 10:20am?  To help newcomers feel more welcome (who often come early) and so we can be ready to worship God by 10:30 am when the service starts, would you help us by showing up to church a little earlier, please?  We know how challenging this can be some days with young children, busy schedules, etc..  However, we feel this is important for the sake of Christ and loving others.  Thanks for your help!


Benefits Of Regular Church Attendance – Not only is regular church-attendance a command of God to all Christians in Hebrews 10:25 and good for your spiritual health, but there are many other amazing side-benefits as well.  According to Duke University, Indiana University, University of Michigan, Center for Disease Control, Barna Research Group, Gallup, Pew, and the National Institute for Healthcare Research, regular church attendance will:  significantly reduce your child’s use and risk from alcohol/tobacco/drugs, dramatically lower your child’s risk of suicide, improve your child’s attitude at school and increase their school participation, provide your child with a life-long moral compass, reduces the likelihood that you’ll experience depression in life, result in a longer life-span, give you better physical health, and it results in a healthier state of “romance” in most married couples.  Wow!  Furthermore, according to Barna Research Group, if a child is not regularly active in a local church by the age of 12, the odds of them getting active drops dramatically in their teen years and beyond.